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"für den anspruchsvollen Klassik-Liebhaber"

ALPHA Classics

Dussek: Concerto for two Pianos DUSSEK Jan Ladislav (1760-1812)
Concerto for two Pianos
& Chamber Works

Alexei Lubimov & Olga Pashchenko (Piano)
Finnish Baroque Orchestra

Artikelnummer: ALPHA416
EAN/UPC: 3760014194160

Set-Inhalt: 1CD
Preis: CHF 21.00

Together with his disciple, harpsichordist and pianist Olga Pashchenko, a rising star of the new generation, and accompanied by the musicians of the Finnish Baroque Orchestra, Alexei Lubimov embark on a voyage of discovery into the music of Czech composer Jan Ladislav Dussek, with world premiere recordings on period instruments of his Concerto for Two Pianos and Notturno concertant.

Beethoven: Violin Sonatas BEETHOVEN Ludwig van (1770-1827)
Violin Sonatas Nos.1, 10 & 5 'Spring'

Lorenzo Gatto (Violine)
Julien Libeer (Piano)

Artikelnummer: ALPHA407
EAN/UPC: 3760014194078

Set-Inhalt: 1CD
Preis: CHF 21.00

Aufbauend auf dem Erfolg ihrer ersten CD mit Beethoven-Violinsonaten (Alpha 240), die mit dem Diapason d'Or des Jahres ausgezeichnet wurden (die Zeitschrift lobte die Geburt eines großen Duos) und Choc de Classica, setzen Lorenzo Gatto und Julien Libeer ihre vollständige Aufnahme des Zyklus fort.

Schubert: Piano Sonatas SCHUBERT Franz (1797-1828)
Piano Sonatas D958-960
3 Klavierstücke D946

Alexander Lonquich (Piano)

Artikelnummer: ALPHA433
EAN/UPC: 3760014194337

Set-Inhalt: 2CD
Preis: CHF 21.00

Alexander Lonquich has his own special place in the world of the piano: this German pianist, who made his home in Italy, has enjoyed an untypical career. A disciple of Paul Badura-Skoda, he is highly respected by many conductors and instrumental artists, such as Philippe Herreweghe, Nicolas Altstaedt and Christian Tetzlaff, with all of whom he collaborates on a regular basis.

Des Pas Sous La Neige GRARE Joël (*1961)
Des Pas Sous La Neige

Joël Grare (Percussion)

Artikelnummer: ALPHA436
EAN/UPC: 3760014194368

Set-Inhalt: 1CD
Preis: CHF 21.00

Joël Grare, percussionist and tireless seeker after offbeat sounds and instruments, here presents his third album for Alpha: 'Footprints beneath the snow: first sounds of innocence, cowbells and jingle-bells, sounds swallowed up by the mountain'... Through his compositions and inspirational influences (Debussy, Bartók) he follows a dizzying emotional Alpine path, along with his amazing instruments.


Messe de Noel PRAETORIUS Michael (1571-1621)
Messe de Noël

Gabrieli Consort - Paul McCreesh (Dir)

Label: Château de Versailles Spectacles
Artikelnummer: CVS003
EAN/UPC: 3770011431038

Set-Inhalt: 1DVD
Preis: CHF 36.00

Michael Praetorius was the most prolific German composer of his generation, making use of a beauty of sound and an abundance of instruments worthy of his contemporary Monteverdi. Here we have a festive Christmas Mass as might have been heard in a great Lutheran church in the North of Germany in around 1620.

L'Europe galante CAMPRA André (1660-1744)
L'Europe galante

Les Nouveaux Caractères
Sébastien d'Hérin (Dir)

Label: Château de Versailles Spectacles
Artikelnummer: CVS002
EAN/UPC: 3770011431021

Set-Inhalt: 2CD
Preis: CHF 36.00

Campra was the most important opera composer between Lully and Rameau. The success of Europe Galante in 1697 is a tribute to this founding work of the Opera-Ballet, mixing dance and opera in the opulent divertissements. Campra takes the spectator on a voyage into the amorous nations of Europe.

Le Devin du village ROUSSEAU Jean-Jacques (1712-1778)
Le Devin du village

Les Nouveaux Caractères
Sébastien d'Hérin (Dir)

Label: Château de Versailles Spectacles
Artikelnummer: CVS004
EAN/UPC: 3770011431014

Set-Inhalt: 1CD
Preis: CHF 21.00

Perhaps Rousseau's Devin du Village has been waiting just for you for two centuries at the Theatre de la Reine at the Petit Trianon. On September 19, 1780, Marie-Antoinette was on stage, in costume, and was acting with her troop of aristocrats in front of a public of close friends. That evening, she was singing the role of Colette, the heroine of this one-act opera composed in 1753 by the philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau, perhaps the most celebrated work of its time.


O Penosa Lontananza SCARLATTI Alessandro (1660-1725)
"O Penosa Lontananza"
Cantate da Camera

Deborah Cachet (Sopran) - u.a.
Scherzi Musicali - Nicolas Achten (Dir)

Label: Ricercar
Artikelnummer: RIC396
EAN/UPC: 5400439003965

Set-Inhalt: 1CD
Preis: CHF 21.00

In this new recording, Scherzi Musicali explores the fascinating world of Alessandro Scarlatti's Arcadian cantatas: the six mostly unpublished cantatas selected here sublimate the affects of nymphs and shepherds far from their beloved.

Telemann TELEMANN Georg Philipp (1681-1767)
Per Tromba & Corno da Caccia

Jean-François Madeuf (Trompete & Horn)

Label: Ricercar
Artikelnummer: RIC397
EAN/UPC: 5400439003972

Set-Inhalt: 1CD
Preis: CHF 21.00

The old instruments of the Stadtpfeiffer were replaced by French-styled oboes and bassoons in German courts and cities at the beginning of the 18th century. These became the "bandes de hautbois" to which trumpets were added, the combination becoming the basis of the military band.

Cantilena Anglica Fortunae Scheidemann - Scheidt
"Cantilena Anglica Fortunae"
Selected Harpsichord Works

Yoann Moulin (Cembalo)

Label: Ricercar
Artikelnummer: RIC394
EAN/UPC: 5400439003941

Set-Inhalt: 1CD
Preis: CHF 21.00

For his first recording with Ricercar, and as a prelude to an anthology of German Baroque harpsichord music, Yoann Moulin tackles works by two of Sweelinck's most illustrious disciples. The preludes, chorales, fugues, dances and arias with variations of this repertory offer great diversity and enable us to grasp the personalities of the two composers, the introverted Scheidt and the more flamboyant and Baroque Scheidemann.

La Fontegara Silvestro Ganassi: La Fontegara
Desprez - Busnois - Gombert - Willaert - u.a.

Le Concert Brisé
William Dongois (Dir)

Label: Ricercar
Artikelnummer: RIC395
EAN/UPC: 5400439003958

Set-Inhalt: 1CD
Preis: CHF 21.00

Die vorliegende Aufnahme versucht, Elemente aus Ganassis 1535 in Venedig erschienener Abhandlung über die Ornamentik Fontegara musikalisch darzustellen. Dieses Werk war für seine reichen aristokratischen Schüler bestimmt und spiegelt vermutlich nicht nur seine persönliche Praxis wieder. Die berufliche Laufbahn des Musikers bestand im Wesentlichen darin zu dirigieren und die Bombarde (bretonisches Blasinstrument) mit seinem Ensemble im Dienste einer Reihe von Dogen und Scuole zu spielen.

Tartini: Sonate op.1 TARTINI Giuseppe (1692-1770)
Sonate op.1
Sonate Piccole op.26

Evgeny Sviridov (Violine)
Stanislav Gres (Cembalo)
Davit Melkonyan (Cello)

Label: Ricercar
Artikelnummer: RIC391
EAN/UPC: 5400439003910

Set-Inhalt: 1CD
Preis: CHF 21.00

The Russian violinist Evgeny Sviridov, winner of the MA Festival Bruges Competition in 2017, has chosen to devote his first recording to the sonatas of Giuseppe Tartini. As heir to the Baroque tradition of the early eighteenth century, Tartini developed technical concepts much bolder than those of his predecessors, thus preparing the violin for the language of the Classical period.


Sonn und Schild BACH Johann Sebastian (1685-1750)
"Sonn und Schild"
Cantatas BWV 4 - 79 - 80

Collegium Vocale Gent
Philippe Herreweghe (Dir)

Label: Phi
Artikelnummer: LPH030
EAN/UPC: 5400439000308

Set-Inhalt: 1CD
Preis: CHF 21.00

Philippe Herreweghe presents three cantatas by Johann Sebastian Bach - Christ lag in Todesbanden, BWV 4, Gott der Herr ist Sonn und Schild, BWV 79, and Ein feste Burg ist unser Gott, BWV 80. Written at different moments in the composer's life and based to a large extent on the works of Martin Luther, these cantatas reflect a marked taste for dramaturgy, vivid word-painting and an invariably astonishing use of instruments and voices.


Bach: Sonate BACH Johann Sebastian (1685-1750)
Sonate a Cembalo Obligato e Traversiere Solo

Laura Pontecorvo (Flöte)
Rinaldo Alessandrini (Cembalo)

Label: Arcana
Artikelnummer: A453
EAN/UPC: 3760195734537

Set-Inhalt: 1CD
Preis: CHF 21.00

The year 1736 was very important in the life of Bach: he has conferred the title of Royal-Polish and Electoral-Saxon Court Composer. In that same year, he composed the only two autographed sonatas for flute and obbligato harpsichord. Both sonatas came to us as a step of an elaborative process which could also have consisted of a diverse instrumentation.

Veracini VERACINI Francesco Maria (1690-1768)
Sonate a violino solo e basso

Enrico Gatti (Violine)
Alain Gervreau (Cello)
Guido Morini (Cembalo)

Label: Arcana
Artikelnummer: A456
EAN/UPC: 3760195734568

Set-Inhalt: 1CD
Preis: CHF 21.00

Of the many important anniversaries occurring in 2018, it is worth remembering the 350th death anniversary of the violin virtuoso Francesco Maria Veracini. What better occasion to (re-)discover Enrico Gatti's first reference recording for the label Arcana?

Mascitti MASCITTI Michele (1664-1760)
Sonate a violino solo e basso,
Opera Ottava (Paris, 1731)

Gian Andrea Guerra (Violine)
Nicola Brovelli (Cello)
Matteo Cicchitti (Violone)
Luigi Accardo (Cembalo)

Label: Arcana
Artikelnummer: A111
EAN/UPC: 3760195731116

Set-Inhalt: 1CD
Preis: CHF 12.00

The violin sonatas recorded for the first time in this CD blend the brilliant and passionate expressivity emanating from the Neapolitan legacy with the elegance and grace of the French instrumental tradition and offer an exquisite example of the new union of tastes.

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