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"für den anspruchsvollen Klassik-Liebhaber"

The Trio Sonata Project The Trio Sonata Project
An Alternative Option
BACH Johann Sebastian (1685-1750)

Tripla Concordia
Walter van Hauwe (Blockflöten)

Label: Arcana
Artikelnummer: A114
EAN/UPC: 3760195731147

Set-Inhalt: 1CD
Preis: CHF 12.00

... Tripla Concordia and Walter van Hauwe decided to transcribe even the other two Gamba Sonatas as Trio Sonatas, walking in Bach footsteps. In doing so, the members of the ensemble actually fulfilled their desire of offering a new listening experience of this set of sonatas, with fresh colours and textures. ...

Bach in Bologna Bach in Bologna
Bach  6 Suites
7 Ricercari

Mauro Valli (Cello)

Label: Arcana
Artikelnummer: A459
EAN/UPC: 3760195734599

Set-Inhalt: 3CD
Preis: CHF 40.50

Bach and Gabrielli: the focus of this recording is an unusual musical match involving the famous 6 Suites for violoncello solo by Johann Sebastian Bach and the little-known 7 Ricercari for violoncello solo (1689) by Domenico Gabrielli of Bologna, the first example of a work for unaccompanied cello in history, and thus the only precedent and possible model for the Bach masterpiece.

Duel Duel
Porpora & Handel in London

Giuseppina Bridelli (Mezzosopran) 
Le Concert de l'Hostel Dieu
Franck-Emmanuel Comte (Dir)

Label: Arcana
Artikelnummer: A461
EAN/UPC: 3760195734612

Set-Inhalt: 1CD
Preis: CHF 21.00

In 1733, and wishing to counter the dominance of Handel and his Royal Academy of Music, a group of London nobles set up the Opera of the Nobility with Porpora as the musical director. He arrived in London with one major asset: he was the « castrato maestro » and he received a frenzied welcome worthy of today’s pop stars. Both opponents engaged in an epic battle. Both opera houses went bankrupt but the audience emerged triumphant as this crazy four years period was attended by some of the greatest masterpieces and inventive works of the repertoire such as Polifemo by Porpora or Ariodante by Handel.

Imaginario Imaginario
De un Libro de Música de Vihuela
Vasquez - Willaert - Arcadelt - u.a.

Armonía Concertada

Label: Arcana
Artikelnummer: A460
EAN/UPC: 3760195734605

Set-Inhalt: 1CD
Preis: CHF 21.00

The brilliant soprano María Cristina Kiehr, together with lutenist-vihuelist Ariel Abramovich, presents her first solo album devoted to Renaissance music. [...] The vihuelist Jacob Heringman, together with whom Abramovich created and recorded Cifras imaginarias (Arcana A428) is also part of this project, together with the mythical British tenor John Potter, ex Hilliard Ensemble and ECM artist, who performs an enigmatic piece for tenor and vihuela.

Concertos for Organ and Strings BACH Johann Sebastian (1685-1750)
Concertos for Organ and Strings
Reconstructions after Concertos and Cantats

Les Muffatti
Bart Jacobs (Orgel - Dir)

Label: Ramée
Artikelnummer: RAM1804
EAN/UPC: 4250128518048

Set-Inhalt: 1CD
Preis: CHF 21.00

Obwohl wir von JS Bach mindestens fünf Konzerte für Solo-Orgel kennen, sind von ihm keine Orgelkonzerte mit Orchesterbegleitung überliefert. Jedoch hat er in 18 von seinen mehr als 200 Kantaten die Orgel als obligates Soloinstrument in Arien, Chorpassagen und Sinfonias verwendet.

Teatro Spirituale Teatro Spirituale
Penitential Music in the
Chiesa Nuova in Rome (ca.1600)

Anonym - Quagliati - Anerio - Cifra - u.a.

Alice Foccroulle (Sopran)
Reinoud Van Mechele (Tenor) - u.a.
InAlto - Lambert Colson (Dir)

Label: Ricercar
Artikelnummer: RIC399
EAN/UPC: 5400439003996

Set-Inhalt: 1CD
Preis: CHF 21.00

InAlto presents here a completely original approach, one that puts this early 17th-century repertoire in its context by recreating, in the tradition of the Oratorian spiritual exercises, an imaginary ritual that might unfold in the days preceding Holy Week, one in which each of the penitential psalms takes on its full meaning ...

Selected Organ Works Praetorius - Schildt
Selected Organ Works

Bernard Foccroulle (Orgel)

Label: Ricercar
Artikelnummer: RIC400
EAN/UPC: 5400439004009

Set-Inhalt: 1CD
Preis: CHF 21.00

Foccroulle devotes his latest recording - the last of the anthology of Northern German organ music of the Baroque period - to Jacob Praetorius and Melchior Schildt, both pupils of Sweelinck.

Cavalli: Missa 1660 CAVALLI Francesco (1602-1676)
Missa 1660
Grande messe vénitienne
pour la paix franco-espagnole de Louis XIV

Galilei Consort
Benjamin Chénier (Dir)

Label: Château de Versailles Spectacles
Artikelnummer: CVS006
EAN/UPC: 3770011431052

Set-Inhalt: 1CD
Preis: CHF 21.00

Mazarin managed to sign the Treaty of Paris which validates the future Peace of the Pyrenees, and therefore the marriage of Louis XIV with the Infanta of Spain in 1660. In the context of these celebrations, the French ambassador in Venice commissions a mass from Cavalli, the greatest composer of his time.

La Guerre des Te Deum La Guerre des Te Deum
Blanchard - Colin de Blamont

Choeur Marguerite Louise
Ensemble Stradivaria
Daniel Cuiller (Dir)

Label: Château de Versailles Spectacles
Artikelnummer: CVS007
EAN/UPC: 3770011431069

Set-Inhalt: 1CD
Preis: CHF 21.00

Two rival yet similar works, an illustration of a "Quarrel of the Te Deums", a true war of mottled violin scores, a frivolous echo of Louis XV's final victories. It is also the rediscovery of two of the most talented composers amongst Rameau's contemporaries, François Colin de Blamont (1690-1760) and Esprit Joseph Antoine Blanchard (1696-1770).

Fuga Libera
Dupont: Complete Symphonic Works DUPONT Gabriel (1878-1914)
Complete Symphonic Works
Les Heures dolentes - Jour d'Eté
Le Chant de la Destinée

Orchestre Philharmonique Royal de Liège
Patrick Davin (Dir)

Label: Fuga Libera
Artikelnummer: FUG751
EAN/UPC: 5400439007512

Set-Inhalt: 1CD
Preis: CHF 21.00

Gabriel Dupont wurde von seinen Zeitgenossen sehr geschätzt, studierte bei Massenet, war dann Schüler von Vierne und Widor und gehört zu den Komponisten, deren zu kurze Karriere sie daran hinderte, ihren Platz in der Musikgeschichte einzunehmen.

Fuga Libera
Something in Between Something in Between
Bernstein - Attahir - Ravel

Trio Zadig

Label: Fuga Libera
Artikelnummer: FUG748
EAN/UPC: 5400439007482

Set-Inhalt: 1CD
Preis: CHF 21.00

Wie alle Begegnungen hat die zwischen Bernstein und Ravel Potential. Die Mischung der Rhythmen und das Engagement des einen mit dem melancholischen Raffinement der Klangpaletten des anderen sind vielversprechend. Doch ist es nicht weniger wichtig, die Begegnung einzuschätzen, als zu verstehen, was aus ihr entsteht?

B Records
Hypocrisis Hypocrisis
La Dynamo Live

Pujuila Quartet

Label: B-Records
Artikelnummer: LBM016
EAN/UPC: 3770005527167

Set-Inhalt: 1CD
Preis: CHF 21.00

Avec "Hypocrisis" B Records se lance à la conquête du JAZZ, et quel beau manifeste que ce premier disque! Capté en live avec toujours la même sensible attention dans un lieu mythique de la création jazz contemporaine, à la Dynamo de Pantin, le Pujuila Quartet, réuni autour de l'éclectique clarinettiste Florent Pujuila, livre ici un parcours intime dans les méandres émotionnels de son compositeur, navigant avec virtuosité et passion entre jazz, rock, et musique contemporaine.

B Records
Poèms d'un jour Poèms d'un jour
Fauré - Brahms - Schumann
Théâtre de l'Athénée Live

Stéphane Degout (Bariton)
Simon Lepper (Piano)

Label: B-Records
Artikelnummer: LBM017
EAN/UPC: 3770005527174

Set-Inhalt: 1CD
Preis: CHF 21.00

Short just as love, life, poetry, and a winter concert given at the Théâtre de l'Athénée, this new B Records album proposes a program of musical miniatures, from Fauré to Schumann and Brahms. An opportunity to hear the baritone Stéphane Degout, one of the best French melodists, and his partner Simon Lepper behind his piano, in a sometimes soft, sometimes stormy, always romantic album.

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