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"für den anspruchsvollen Klassik-Liebhaber"

ALPHA Classics

Shostakovich: Symphony No.5 SHOSTAKOVICH Dimitri (1906-1975)
Symphony No.5

NDR Elbphilharmonie Orchestra
Krzysztof Urbanski (Dir)

Label: ALPHA Classics
Artikelnummer: ALPHA427
EAN/UPC: 3760014194276

Set-Inhalt: 1CD
Preis: CHF 21.00

Krzysztof Urbanski writes: "Shostakovich's Fifth is, without doubt, one of the greatest symphonies ever written, and it is also one of my personal favourites. This genuine masterpiece represents a mirror image of the world around Shostakovich: in it, he depicted in music the reality of life in Leningrad in 1937 from his own perspective. For him, this was the 'worst of times'. ..."

Caldara: Maddalena ai Piedi di Cristo CALDARA Antonio (1670-1736)
Maddalena ai Piedi di Cristo
Oratorio à 6, con Sinfonia

Emmanuelle de Negri
& Mailys de Villoutreys (Sopran)
Benedetta Mazzucato (Alt)
Reinoud van Mechelen (Tenor)
Riccardo Novaro (Bariton)
Le Banquet Céleste
Damien Guillon (Countertenor - Dir)

Label: ALPHA Classics
Artikelnummer: ALPHA426
EAN/UPC: 3760014194269

Set-Inhalt: 2CD
Preis: CHF 36.00

Calling The Muse Calling The Muse
Piccinini - Helstroffer - Kapsberger - u.a.
Old & New Pieces For Theorbo

Bruno Helstroffer (Theorbe)

Label: ALPHA Classics
Artikelnummer: ALPHA391
EAN/UPC: 3760014193910

Set-Inhalt: 1CD
Preis: CHF 21.00

Bruno Helstroffer writes of his new release: "It's a logbook, the one I've never really kept. My years of blues/rock and early music mingle here; the thousands of kilometres travelled with that theorbo of mine, the cities and the countryside, the railways, the skies, the scents, the lights; but above all, the music of the people. ..."

Boccherini: Sonate per il Violoncello e Basso - Vol.2 BOCCHERINI Luigi (1743-1805)
Sonate per il Violoncello e Basso - Vol.2

Les Basses Réunies
Bruno Cocset (Cello)

Label: ALPHA Classics
Artikelnummer: ALPHA409
EAN/UPC: 3760014194092

Set-Inhalt: 1CD
Preis: CHF 21.00

Bruno Cocset pays tribute to one of the precursors of the Golden Age of the cello by recording five sonatas (no.5 in G major, no.2 in C minor, no.1 in F major, no.13 in A major, no.12 in B flat major), based on the manuscripts of the extensive Noseda Collection of the Milan Conservatory. He is accompanied by his partners from Les Basses Réunies.

Beethoven: Trios for Piano, Clarinet & Cello BEETHOVEN Ludwig van (1770-1827)
Trios for Piano, Clarinet & Cello

Eric Le Sage (Piano)
Paul Meyer (Klarinette)
Claudio Bohórquez (Cello)

Label: ALPHA Classics
Artikelnummer: ALPHA405
EAN/UPC: 3760014194054

Set-Inhalt: 1CD
Preis: CHF 21.00

Dedicated to the Empress Marie-Theresa of Austria, the Septet was published in 1802 by Hofmeister, and on being well-received it was then rearranged for various combinations. Beethoven himself made a version for clarinet, cello and piano, op.38 in E Flat major - the one recorded here.

Arcadelt: Motetti - Madrigali - Chansons ARCADELT Jacques (1507-1568)
Motetti - Madrigali - Chansons

Choeur de Chambre de Namur
Doulce Memoire
Cappella Mediterranea

Label: Ricercar
Artikelnummer: RIC392
EAN/UPC: 5400439003927

Set-Inhalt: 3CD
Preis: CHF 39.00

The recording sessions for this set created a real emotional shock on several occasions: we were convinced that Jacques Arcadelt was a true genius and it was easy to understand why his contemporaries regarded him as truly exceptional.

Arrels // Entre la tradició i el patrimoni Arrels
Entre la tradició i el patrimoni

Capella de Ministrers
Carles Magraner (Dir)

Label: Capella de Ministrers
Artikelnummer: CDM1844
EAN/UPC: 8216116218440

Set-Inhalt: 1CD
Preis: CHF 21.00

Arrels presents songs and instrumental pieces that trace and reaffirm the oral traditions of a rich and diverse musical world, reuniting the early music of its manuscripts or printings with the oral traditions of its people. Beyond "flamenco" in Spanish musical tradition.

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