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The Romantic Piano Concerto - 77 The Romantic Piano Concerto - 77
Piano Concerto op.10
Urspruch: Piano Concerto op.9

Emmanuel Despax (Piano)
BBC Scottish SO
Eugene Tzigane (Dir)

Label: Hyperion Records
Artikelnummer: CDA68229
EAN/UPC: 034571282299

Set-Inhalt: 1CD
Preis: CHF 19.50

The common thread - as so often in The Romantic Piano Concerto series - is Liszt, in whose Weimar circle both composer-pianists featured here moved. Both concertos are pleasingly substantial, and the typically demanding piano writing is powerfully dispatched by Emmanuel Despax.

The Classical Piano Concerto - 5 The Classical Piano Concerto - 5
DUSSEK Jan Ladislav (1760-1812)
Piano Concertos op.3, 14 & 49

Howard Shelley (Piano - Dir)
Ulster Orchestra

Label: Hyperion Records
Artikelnummer: CDA68211
EAN/UPC: 034571282114

Set-Inhalt: 1CD
Preis: CHF 19.50

Howard Shelley's earlier release of Dussek concertos was described as "a real find" (BBC Music Magazine). This successor is, if anything, even more impressive, culminating in one of the finest unknown piano concertos from the early nineteenth century.

Chopin - Schubert: Sonatas Chopin - Schubert

Steven Isserlis (Cello)
Denes Varjon (Piano)

Label: Hyperion Records
Artikelnummer: CDA68227
EAN/UPC: 034571282275

Set-Inhalt: 1CD
Preis: CHF 19.50

Cellists have cause to be thankful for the impracticality and swift demise of the arpeggione, which allowed the appropriation of Schubert's wonderful sonata for their own instrument. Dénes Várjon's 1851 Érard lends characterful zest both here and in Chopin, while bonuses include Steven Isserlis's own transcriptions of songs by both composers.

Liszt: New Discoveries - 4 LISZT Franz (1811-1886)
New Discoveries - Vol.4
Rêves et fantaisies

Leslie Howard (Piano)

Label: Hyperion Records
Artikelnummer: CDA68247
EAN/UPC: 034571282473

Set-Inhalt: 1CD
Preis: CHF 19.50

A fascinating compendium of first thoughts, alternative versions and lost works: the fruits of Leslie Howard's assiduous fossickings in the Lisztian workshop, and all believed to be first recordings.

Beethoven: Sonatas BEETHOVEN Ludwig van (1770-1827)
Moonlight Sonata & other Piano Music  

Pavel Kolesnikov (Piano)

Label: Hyperion Records
Artikelnummer: CDA68237
EAN/UPC: 034571282374

Set-Inhalt: 1CD
Preis: CHF 19.50

The "abundance of intelligence" in Pavel Kolesnikov's pianism which so impressed Gramophone pays particular dividends in Beethoven, the 'Mondschein' sonata sounding newly minted in this remarkable reading.

Machaut: The Gentle Physician MACHAUT Guillaume de (ca.1300-1377)
The Gentle Physician

The Orlando Consort

Label: Hyperion Records
Artikelnummer: CDA68206
EAN/UPC: 034571282060

Set-Inhalt: 1CD
Preis: CHF 19.50

The "gentle physician" ("dous mire") is Hope, invoked by Machaut as a consolation for the sufferings - and all-too occasional joys - of medieval courtly love, a world with which the 'Orlandos' are persuasively familiar.

Brahms: Ein Deutsches Requiem - arr. für Kammerensemble BRAHMS Johannes (1833-1897)
Ein Deutsches Requiem
chamber ensemble orchestration by
Iain Farrington

Yale Schola Cantorum
David Hill (Dir)

Label: Hyperion Records
Artikelnummer: CDA68242
EAN/UPC: 034571282428

Set-Inhalt: 1CD
Preis: CHF 19.50

A performance which reveals a quite different dimension to this most monumental of all Brahms's works. Iain Farrington's arrangement - the orchestral forces distilled down to an instrumental octet inspired by the composer's own piano reduction - is a perfect match for the glorious young voices of Yale Schola Cantorum.

A Sea Symphony VAUGHAN WILLIAMS Ralph (1872-1958)
A Sea Symphony

BBC SO & Chorus
Martyn Brabbins (Dir)

Label: Hyperion Records
Artikelnummer: CDA68245
EAN/UPC: 034571282459

Set-Inhalt: 1CD
Preis: CHF 19.50

One of the mightiest of first symphonies, Vaughan Williams's setting of Walt Whitman creates a very special sense of occasion. The coupling is more Whitman: RVW's later, virtually unknown "Darest thou now, O soul" for chorus and strings.

Park: Choral Works PARK Owain (*1993)
Choral Works

The Choir of Trinity College Cambridge
Stephen Layton (Dir)

Label: Hyperion Records
Artikelnummer: CDA68191
EAN/UPC: 034571281919

Set-Inhalt: 1CD
Preis: CHF 19.50

As John Rutter (Owain Park's erstwhile teacher) shrewdly notes in the booklet, Park is one of a new generation of composers whose voice has been informed by music of many styles, traditions and periods. This is indeed music "for us all to enjoy as listeners".


Mozart: Grabmusik - Bastien und Bastienne MOZART Wolfgang Amadeus (1756-1791)
Grabmusik (original 1767 version)
Bastien und Bastienne (original 1768 version)

Anna Lucia Richter (Sopran)
Jacques Imbrailo (Bariton)
Darren Jeffery (Bass)
Alessandro Fisher (Tenor)
Classical Opera & The Mozartists
Ian Page (Dir)

Label: signum CLASSICS
Artikelnummer: SIGCD547
EAN/UPC: 635212054727

Set-Inhalt: 1CD
Preis: CHF 18.00

Folgende Jugendopern von Mozart mit dem Classical Opera Orchestra unter Ian Page
sind bereits auf signum CLASSICS erschienen:

Die Schuldigkeit des ersten Gebots
Il re pastore
Die Schuldigkeit des ersten Gebots

Artikelnummer: SIGCD343
EAN/UPC: 635212034323

Set-Inhalt: 1CD + CD-Rom
Preis: CHF 18.00
Il Re Pastore


Preis: CHF 27.00

Il Sogno Di Scipione

Artikelnummer: SIGCD499

2CD z.Preis von 1CD
Preis: CHF 18.00

The A-Z of Mozart Opera
Mitridate, Re Di Ponto

Artikelnummer: SIGCD400
EAN/UPC: 635212040027

Set-Inhalt: 4CD
Preis: CHF 54.00


Preis: CHF 18.00
The A-Z of Mozart Opera

Artikelnummer: SIGCD373

Preis: CHF 18.00

Beethoven Unbound Beethoven Unbound
BEETHOVEN Ludwig van (1770-1827)

Llyr Williams (Piano)

Label: signum CLASSICS
Artikelnummer: SIGCD527
EAN/UPC: 635212052723

Set-Inhalt: 12CD
Preis: CHF 84.00

Unter dem Titel "Beethoven Unbound" dokumentiert diese 12-CD Box den umfangreichen, von der Kritik gefeierten Beethoven-Zyklus, den der walisische Pianist Llyr Williams über drei Jahre in der Londoner Wigmore Hall realisiert hat. Neben allen Sonaten bietet die Edition u.a. noch die Diabelli-Variationen, die Bagatellen Op.126 und die Eroica-Variationen.

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